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SCDP 2003 - 2008

SCDP Project Document.pdf

UNEP Socotra document for UNESCO.pdf

Zoning Plan Presidential Decree 2000.pdf

Socotra Biodiversity Project 1997 - 2003

Final Report of the Marine Team 1997 - 2002.pdf

A paper on first species of fish described from Socotra coast since more than a century: Halidesmus socotraensis new species and Haliophis guttatus, new records of congrogadine fishes from the Socotra archipelago, by Anthony C. Gill and Uwe Zajonz, published in Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington, 116 (1); 52 - 60, 2003.
New species of fish on Socotra.pdf

Introductory pages dedicated to results of the Socotra Biodiversity Project, scientific journal Fauna of Arabia, Volume 20, 2004. 
Fauna of Arabia.pdf

A paper on evolution of sperm morphology in potamid freshwater crabs based on collections of the Socotra Biodiversity Project, by Sebastian Klaus and Dirk Brandis, published in Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society, 2010.
Socotra potamid freshwater crabs.pdf


A paper on Past and Present Human Impacts on the Biodiversity of Socotra Island (Yemen): Implications for Future Conservation, by Kay Van Damme and Lisa Banfield, published in Biodiversity Conservation in the Arabian Peninsula, Zoology in the Middle East, Supplementum 3, 2011: 31–88, Kasparek Verlag, Heidelberg.
Socotra Development Impacts.pdf

UNDP brochure International Year of Biodiversity Celebrations - Contributions of the Republic of Yemen featuring success stories from Socotra island - Adeeb's nursery and ecolodge, and Rosh community initiatives.
2010 Year of Biodiversity - Yemen contributions.pdf

A paper on eradication of the House Crow on Socotra, by A.S. Suleiman and N. Taleb, published in Sandgrouse 32, 2010, a magazine of the Ornithological Society of the Middle East.
House Crow.pdf

A paper on birds apparently using tools on Socotra, by R.F. Porter, published in Sandgrouse 32, 2010, a magazine of the Ornithological Society of the Middle East.
Observation of apparent use by an Abbyssinian White-eye.pdf

A paper on the Climate of Socotra Island (Yemen): A first-time assessment of the timing of the monsoon wind reversla and its influence on precipitation and vegetation patterns, published in Journal of Arid Environments (2010). Pages 1 - 9. Paul Schlolte, Peter De Geest.
Socotra climate.pdf

A paper on the Taxonomix Status of the Socotra Buzzard, published in the Bulletin of the British Ornithologists's Club. Volume 130(2), June 2010. Pages 116 - 131.
Taxonomic Status of the Socotra Buzzard.pdf

A paper on Juvenile Plumage of the Socotra Bunting, published in Sandgrouse 31 (2) 2009, a  magazine of the Ornithological Society of the Middle East.
Socotra Bunting Sandgrouse.pdf

Sandgrouse 31 (1) 2009, a magazine of the Ornithological Society of the Middle East.
Black-winged Stilts Sandgrouse.pdf

A paper on Social behaviour of the Egyptian Vulture. Porter, R.F. & Quiroz, D. 2010, British Birds 103: 60 -64.
Egyptian Vultures British Birds.pdf

An article on the Yemeni Web Award 2009 for the SGBP website, UNDP Newsletter Yemeniate, #3, 2010.
Web Awards Yemeniate.pdf

An article on the Indian House Crow erradication in Socotra, UNDP Newsletter Yemeniate, #1, 2009.
House Crow Yemeniate.pdf

Environment Protection

Did you Know

The original inhabitants of Socotra speak an ancient Arabian language that has been passed on without a written form. It contains many specific words to indicate natural elements.