Birds of the Middle East - COMING OUT IN AUGUST 2010!
Richard Porter, Simon Aspinall
Published by A&C Black, London, 2010
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This is a completely revised second edition of the bestselling field guide to the birds of the Middle East. For the first time, the text and maps appear opposite the plates, and as a consequence there are fewer species per plate than before. The text and maps have been fully revised and many new artworks have been painted. There are more than 100 new species in this new edition, which features more than 810 species in total. It will be the essential field guide for anyone visiting the Middle East. 


The Lost World of Socotra

Richard Boggs
Published by Stacey International Publishers, 2009, 160 pages, 165x206mm, Portrait

A large-format photographic book bringing world class photographs of the Socotra island and its life. Richard Boggs spent many months in the remote archipelago belonging to the Republic of Yemen. The book consists of five chapters: A Place Apart, Frankincense, People, Culture, Development, Tourism.
Socotra A Natural History of the Islands and their People
Catherine Cheung and Lyndon DeVantier
Science Editor: Kay Van Damme
Published by Odyssey Books and Guides. Hong Kong, 2006.
408 pages.
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A comprehensive review of the islands’ natural history – geology, land and marine environments, ecology, biogeography and evolution of the flora and fauna. The book also provides insights into the history of human settlement, the islanders today, and conservation and development issues. It incorporates the work of numerous scientists and is well illustrated.
Island of the Dragon’s Blood
Douglas Botting. 
Republished by Steve Savage Publishers, London & Edinburgh, 2006, 287 pages. 
A new illustrated paperback edition of this highly regarded account of the pioneer scientific exploration of the island - anthropological, archeological, botanical, zoological, linguistic and medical - by the six members of the Oxford University Expedition to Socotra 1956, the kick-start for all the scientific research that followed. 

'A little masterpiece, a work of genius - up there with the travel
classics, a wonderful, wonderful piece of writing - his island, a unique
and remarkable place, so lovingly and warmly portrayed.'
(The Observer newspaper, London, 2006)
Ethnoflora of the Soqotra Archipelago
Anthony Miller and Miranda Morris
Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh, 2004.
776 pages, 500 colour photos over 64 plates;
2,500 black & white line drawings.
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The book is an attractive, user-friendly manual to the plants of Socotra. Designed as a practical guide for conservationists and planners, as well as students, botanists and others interested in the plant life of the region, this volume provides comprehensive information on the traditional uses of all plants found on the islands and contains a fully illustrated key to all plant families and species.
Fauna of the Socotra Archipelago
Wolfgang Wranik with contributions by O.S. Al-Saghier, S. Aspinall, R. F. Porter and H. Roesler
Published by Universitätsdruckerei Rostock, 2003, 542 pages.
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A faunistic field guide covering some 100 animal species, illustrated with colour plates and line drawings, including a great number of forms not illustrated before. The book also provides insight into the physical features and climate, the vegetation, the evolutionary history and biogeography, the people and the history of biological exploration.
Birds and Plants of Socotra, 2nd edition
Texts R. Porter, A. Miller
Illustrations M. Langman, D. Alexander, R. Hume
Published by SCDP, 2003
A field guide to the unique birds plants and trees of Socotra contains 40 illustrations to help identification. The booklet is a perfect companion for walks and birdwatching trips on the island.
Birds of the Middle East
R. Porter, S. Christensen & P. Schiermacker-Hansen
Published by A&C Black, London, 1996
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A field guide covering over 700 species recorded in the Middle East, including the 195 observed on Socotra. All are illustrated in colour on the 112 plates. The accompanying Arabic text covers identification, distribution (with maps), status and habitat.
Birds of the Middle East (Arabic edition)
Translated English by Saeed Mohamed.
Published by SPNL. Beirut, Lebanon, 2006.
Obtainable from Ornithological Society of the Middle East


Did you Know

Socotra is the only place in the world where Socotran Dragonís Blood trees can be found. Dragon Blood trees were widespread over Europe millions of years ago, which can be traced back by the fossil record.