The Environment Protection Authority (EPA) is an administrative body of the Ministry of Water and Environment, which is responsible for the environment management and wildlife conservation in the Republic of Yemen. The EPA has several branches around the country with one in the Socotra Archipelago.

The Socotra branch of the EPA manages environmental issues on the island with a strong support of international conservation activities in which the UNDP has had a key role. The attention to the environment and conservation management of Socotra rose in February 1996 when the Government of Yemen ratified the convention on biodiversity. It was therefore essential to set up the framework of environmental protection law, which was undertaken by EPA.

The EPA building in the outskirts of Hadibu in Socotra
In 1997, the Socotra branch of the EPA was established and started to grow up to present 33 members of staff based in Socotra. The EPA’s predecessor was the Environment Protection Council founded in 1994 as the very first environment-oriented administrative body on the Archipelago.
A capacity building and legal support has been provided to the EPA to enable them to take over all environmental and development-related issues on the Archipelago. Many of the tasks that have been so far carried out by the EPA backed by the UNDP project shall be soon transferred to the upcoming Island-Wide Authority, to the District Administrations and specialized agencies/NGOs.

Environment Protection

Did you Know

The original inhabitants of Socotra speak an ancient Arabian language that has been passed on without a written form. It contains many specific words to indicate natural elements.