About 160 socotri decision makers, local leaders and representants of civil society, out of which 33 women, exchanged their ideas on a gender workshop and training, lead by UNDP SGBP gender consultant Mrs . Hana Haweidi.

The workshop took place over two days each in of Socotra´s districts -  Hadibu and  Qalansiya, emphasizing the importance of mainstreaming gender into local governance, decision making and biodiversity conservation, including practical training on preparation of administrative plans.

Capacity development and awareness raising on gender issues and women empowerement are part of the joint efforts of the Governement of Yemen and UNDP SGBP to establish Socotra Island Wide Authority and to strenghten decentralization processes.


Did you Know

The highest concentration of the endangered Egyptian Vulture can be found on Socotra. Worldwide, populations of this species are decreasing and it is listed in the IUCN Red List.