Three dozens of Socotri tourist guides and drivers participated in a waste management training delivered by Dr. Mounir Bushra Mina, an Egyptian waste management specialist, on March 9, 2011 in Hadibo

Dr. Mina has been engaged by QUDRAT project of the Italian Cooperation to make an assessment of current solid waste situation on Socotra and to recommend a new solid waste management system for the island.

The topic of the training drew a keen attention of its audience working in tourism industry. A discussion following an introductory lecture included many serious questions and was concluded by identifying the most important issues related to waste management on Socotra. This last part of the meeting was requested by tourist guides themselves who feel that uncontrolled polluting of Socotra is not only harmful for the nature but also for their business.


Did you Know

The island’s aloes were famous in ancient times, to such an extent that socotrine aloes became a concept in pharmacy.