Another incidents with Somali pirates occurred on Socotra in last two weeks. A dhow was kidnapped from Samha island and two Somalis were arrested in Qalansiya after landing in order to beg for food

Two young pirates landed with their fiber glass boat with a 60 horses engine in the protected area of Ditwah Bay on February 26, 2011 and entered a local eco-campsite to beg for lunch. The personnel however called the police and the two hungry pirates ended up in a jail in Qalansiya where they have been undergoing investigation and expecting their transfer to Mukalla.

The unlucky pirates had spent several days lost in the sea without food after a failed attempt to seize a fishing boat from Socotra. The Socotri crew managed to regain control over their attacked boat by disarming a single pirate on board and promptly cut off a small fibre boat with another two pirates drawn behind. Right after reaching Socotra, the lost pirates thought they came back to Somalia since the first people they saw on the coast were inhabitants of African origin.

Previous piracy incident occured on Samha island when a dhow was kidnapped two weeks ago. Its crew jumped into the sea and swam to the shore avoiding a fate of a fishing crew from Ras Irsil which disppeared with their boat in Somalia in last December and a ransom has been asked for them exceeding the value of the boat.

Somali pirates have also stolen engines from seven small fishermen’s boats along Socotri coast.

Saleh Yaslem, the Deputy Police Commander for Qalansiya District, informed that district authorities have already called for cooperation of the military and fishermen’s association in patrolling the coast.


Did you Know

The island has true coral reefs that are very rich in marine biodiversity, yet under threat.